Zindigi and EFU Collaborate to Digitize Insurance Landscape

Zindigi, a prominent player in the digital financial services realm, has forged a strategic alliance with EFU Life Assurance, a leading life insurance provider in Pakistan. This collaboration is aimed squarely at offering comprehensive insurance solutions, designed to shield individuals against the uncertainties and the ever-increasing costs of living. It empowers people in Pakistan to safeguard their physical, mental, and financial well-being through a suite of digital insurance products.



Meena M. Khan, the Chief Product and marketing Officer at Zindigi, articulated, “Our partnership with EFU is strategically focused on delivering insurance options that equip individuals to navigate the challenges posed by inflation, perfectly aligning with the rapidly evolving financial landscape in Pakistan.”

Ms. Nilofer Sohail, the Deputy General Manager of Channel Strategy & Execution at EFU, enthusiastically remarked, “Witnessing the remarkable growth and outreach of the Zindigi Channel, especially in extending its services to previously underserved customer segments, many of whom are venturing into the realm of banking services for the first time, is indeed heartening. In line with EFU Life’s unwavering commitment to inclusive insurance, we have persistently strived to extend insurance protection across diverse demographics. The collaboration with Zindigi signifies a monumental milestone in this ongoing endeavor. Leveraging our extensive range of products, services, and expertise, we aspire to create a profoundly positive impact in the lives of our cherished customers.”


Zindigi and EFU Life Assurance take immense pride in merging their proficiency in the financial and insurance sectors to craft a seamless and customer-centric experience. This partnership seamlessly aligns with Zindigi’s overarching mission to safeguard the financial interests of its clientele and deliver all-encompassing financial solutions to individuals throughout Pakistan.

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