Ziarat Residents Startled by Surprising Snowfall in March [Video]

Ziarat, Balochistan, saw a rare occurrence when a significant snowfall fell on the city in March, which is incredibly unusual for this time of year.

Both locals and visitors were in awe of the magnificent landscape the snowfall had produced. The incident has, however, once again brought attention to the consequences of climate change.

The first 10 days of Ramadan are expected to see severe rains and unusual snowfall due to an odd weather pattern that has captivated the entire nation.

A few days ago, severe hailstorms hit portions of Punjab, damaging crops severely and raising concerns about a possible food shortfall in the months to come.

While the snowfall may have provided some relief from Ziarat’s oppressive heat, the unpredicted weather has many questioning the city’s vulnerability to climate change.

Notwithstanding the difficulties brought on by this weather system, the people of Ziarat continue to observe Ramadan with fervour and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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