ZEAL Future Enablement Program Launched at Ziauddin University

Z2C Ltd, a venture accelerator that finances and establishes MarTech start-ups, has made another effort to improve the calibre and availability of talent in Pakistan’s advertising sector.

Fast-track courses have been introduced by the accelerator in collaboration with the Media Sciences Department of Ziauddin University and the export-first digital agency Activ8 of Publicis Groupe Delivered (PGD).

The whole yearly export revenue from Pakistan’s services sector is less than $2 billion, while the country’s academic sector annually produces about 10,000 graduates.

India, across the border, exports services worth over $100 billion in total each year, and its educational system turns out more than 500,000 graduates each year.

The quality of Indian engineers and marketers is so excellent, according to data from LinkedIn, that Fortune 500 technology businesses have opened back offices in the world’s second-most populated nation.

Keynote addresses given by executives of Careem and Systems Limited claim that the poor calibre of graduates from Pakistan is caused by a mismatch between what the market requires and how academics decide to instruct their pupils. This is especially evident in a grading system that emphasises memory over the use of relevant skills and critical thinking.

A collaboration between top businesses and academic institutions is essential to resolving the gap between what the market demands and what universities should teach. One such collaboration happened this past weekend at Ziauddin University.

The 12-week innovative curriculum, which draws inspiration from Brainchild’s top-ranked management trainee programme, aims to build a talent pool of skilled digital resources at the management or project trainee level.

The pro-chancellor of Ziauddin University, Dr. Nida Hussain, said, “We are pleased to partner with East River Digital, Z2C Limited, and Activ8 to provide our students with the opportunity to gain practical experience and develop crucial skills in digital media. We believe that this programme will equip the next generation of digital leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers.

In order to build crucial skills in digital media planning, social media, Google Ads, business communication, branding, and search engine optimization, the first batch of the ZEAL Future Enablement Program at Ziauddin University will run four times in 2023, enrolling up to 50 participants in each cohort.

According to Faizan S. Syed, CEO of East River, “opening a training school has been a passion project of mine since it can transform the fate of our country.”

We establish a new set of digital marketing resources that can service the world from Pakistan and attract much-needed foreign investment by educating and empowering Pakistani workforce to serve international markets.

With further assistance from Ziauddin University, the ZEAL programme will be given by knowledgeable trainers from East River, Z2C Limited, and Activ8. Every Saturday until May 19, 2023, classes will be held at the Ziauddin University Clifton and North campuses.

At the ZEAL Future Enablement Program’s opening ceremony, Raihan Merchant, CEO of Z2C Ltd, observed, “As technology pushes deeper into the business, the business pushes further into technology.”

To increase the success of programmes to increase customer lifetime value, all organisations and executives must upgrade their skills in digital marketing and creative strategy. We need to develop more talent, both in terms of quality and quantity, in order to move Pakistan towards an economy based on the provision of services.

Advertising agencies have started to veer towards an expert model for their services as the amount spent on advertising in Pakistan is continuously declining year over year. Through significant consultancies and advertising agencies, this has included educating current talent to work on international brands in the MENA and APAC regions.

One such instance is Activ8 in Pakistan, which works with the Publicis Groupe to provide advertising services in the MENA area. For a work placement abroad, the exposure to regional megabrands and their campaigns offers enormous learning opportunities and growth.

Saadi Gouse, the head of the digital transformation at Publicis Groupe in Pakistan, stated that “executives around the world require training on platforms and solutions that make their roles easier.”

The executive who refuses to upskill and adapt will be replaced by the executive who is data literate. The biggest change that data and AI bring about is the dissolution of the barriers between technology and business. They can no longer be told apart. Businesses must change by blurring the lines between technical and non-technical roles

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