YouTube might soon start charging for high-quality video options.

According to experts, YouTube is attempting to explore other revenue streams as ad revenue becomes more limited due to rigorous rules.


Most digital platforms, including Google-owned YouTube, are seeing a decline in revenue as a result of tightened ad monitoring legislation around the world. In light of the challenging circumstances, YouTube is currently looking into alternative revenue sources to make up for the lost revenue from advertisements.

YouTube may attempt to charge users for things that were previously free, according to a recently tested feature.

A Reddit member provided evidence for the claim by pointing out that YouTube is developing a function that charges users for a “premium video quality option.” The video is streamed at 1080p with an increased “bitrate” in this premium video quality option.

Similar to the feature that YouTube tried last year, which required users to upgrade to YouTube Premium in order to see videos in 2160p and 60 FPS, this one asks viewers to do the same.

Both tests show that YouTube may eventually charge for the function and restrict access to 1080p films at greater bit rates to its premium subscribers.

Some suspected YouTube of lowering the bitrate for 1080p videos even before the news of the testing broke.

We might witness some significant changes in YouTube’s functionality and revenue sources once Neil Mohan takes over as CEO.

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