You’ll soon be forced to change your username on Discord.

In a recent release, Discord stated that in the “coming weeks,” all users of its platform will be requested to change their username.
Discord, a social platform for VoIP and instant messaging, has stated that it will be asking all of its users to change their usernames in the “coming weeks.” The platform, which enables users to construct unique servers based on interests and communities, has over 150 million active monthly users worldwide.

Discord’s usernames have up to now been created so that users can choose their own username, which is then followed by a hashtag and four numbers entered in a specific order.

This new username system that Discord aims to offer will remove the hashtag and numbers from Discord usernames and will allow users to establish a unique username that will be followed by a ‘@’ sign behind it.

Almost all mainstream social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram follow this username method, hence whenever Discord adopts this system, it will be aligned with those other platforms.

“After hearing from many users about the challenges associated with connecting with friends on our platform, we’ve made changes to our username system to make Discord more accessible and user-friendly for both new and existing users.” said a Discord representative while talking about the decision to change usernames.

They continued, “We cherish user feedback and are dedicated to enhancing the overall Discord experience.

When can you alter your Discord username, then? Discord has established regulations that state that people choose usernames for their accounts in order of account age, so if you have an account that has been active for a while, you might be one of the fortunate few.

Underscores and full stops are permitted in new Discord usernames, however capital letters are not permitted.


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