You’ll soon be able to use the same account on four phones with WhatsApp.

The multi-device functionality of WhatsApp has been available for some time, but it only enables you to link your account to laptops, desktops, and tablets. This is going to change now that all WhatsApp beta users have access to the long-promised Companion Mode.

The stable version of the app is one step closer to implementing this feature. People at WABetaInfo, as usual, broke the story first.

The addition of Companion Mode, which enables use of the same account across four separate handsets, will be a huge improvement for WhatsApp. For individuals who wish to use the same account on different phones and have many phones, this should be really convenient.

But, you must ensure that all devices are using the same version of the software if you wish to utilise the same WhatsApp account on two phones.

Companion Mode will function the same manner as paired devices, as the screenshot illustrates. You can use the same WhatsApp account on the secondary phone by scanning the QR code that appears when you open the area for linked devices on the primary phone. Your media and chats from the other phone will also sync as a result.

To continue using WhatsApp on the secondary phone, you won’t require an active internet connection on the first phone.

There is no information on when the functionality will be released for iOS devices, therefore it is only currently accessible on WhatsApp beta for Android. In any event, as soon as Companion Mode is publicly accessible, we’ll update this space.

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