You Can Still Buy These Bikes for Under Rs. 200,000

With car prices, fuel prices, and general inflation at an all-time high, many people find it impractical to own or use a car on a daily basis. The recent currency devaluation has also rendered several bikes out of reach for the vast majority.

Fortunately, there are some bikes available for less than Rs. 200,000. While this is no small sum, rampant inflation has made all of these bikes “cheap” in comparison to some mainstream bikes.

With that said, the following is a list of bikes that you can still buy for under Rs. 200,000:


Honda Atlas

Despite numerous price increases, Atlas Honda remains the only mainstream automaker offering motorcycles for less than Rs. 200,000. The following Honda motorcycles are available for the stated price:

Models Price (Rs.)
CD 70 128,900
CD 70 Dream 137,900
Pridor 170,900
CG 125 194,900


United Motor

Only Chinese bike manufacturers, aside from Honda, can boast a bike lineup priced under Rs. 200,000. United Motors is one such manufacturer. The following are the United Motorbikes that cost less than the stated amount:

Models Price (Rs.)
US 70 87,500
US 100 92,000
US 70 w/ Alloy Wheels 92,500
US 100 w/ Alloy Wheels 97,500
US 125 133,500


Road Prince

Road Prince has gained popularity among bike enthusiasts as a result of the introduction of Wego and Robinson 150cc bikes. Although those bikes are pricey, there are other bikes in Road Prince’s lineup that are significantly less expensive. The following are the names of the bikes:

Models Price (Rs.)
70cc 86,500-96,500
110cc 94,500
100cc 91,000
125cc 130,500



Hi-Speed, like Road Prince, is a Chinese bike manufacturer in Pakistan with a sizable customer base. Due to its Cafe Racer-like styling, the Infinity SR 150 is its most popular bike. Although that bike is not on this list, there are some other Hi-Speed bikes available for less than Rs. 200,000:

Models Price (Rs.)
SR 70 86,800
Alpha 100 193,500
SR 125 135,000


Super Power

Super Power has a large selection of motorcycles. The majority of the bikes, however, are variations on a single model. Furthermore, the majority of its bikes fall within the previously mentioned price range. The following are the prices:

Models Price (Rs.)
SP 70 95,400-102,400
SP 70 Deluxe 115,400
Cheetah 110 194,500
SP 125 133,000



The list of Unique bikes under Rs. 200,000 is as follows:

Models Price (Rs.)
UD 70 95,000
UD 100 105,000
UD 125 135,000



The list of Metro bikes under Rs. 200,000 is as follows:

Models Price (Rs.)
MR 70 90,500-104,500
MR 70 Dabang 100,000
MR 100 100,000


Tez Raftar

Tez Raftar has only one bike listed for sale on the internet. Its price is as follows:

Models Price (Rs.)
PS 70 88,500


Super Star

Super Star also has only one bike listed for sale on the internet. Its price is as follows:

Models Price (Rs.)
SS 70 95,000

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