Yamaha announces a 0% markup bike installment plan.

Amaha has once more announced an installment scheme for its bikes with no markup.

Details indicate that the company and Dubai Islamic Bank are partners in the implementation of this strategy. Without giving any names, the advertisement claims that the package is only available in certain Pakistani cities.



There is no 0% markup plan for independent contractors and small company owners because the offer is only valid for salaried individuals.

Although the advertisement did mention that the deal was only valid for a short period of time, it omitted crucial information like the number of installments, the down payment, and other terms and conditions.

This statement follows a series of significant price increases by Yamaha. Since the most current announcement in February, motorcycle prices have increased by up to Rs. 394,500.

The business raised bike prices seven times in the previous year. Dealers and industry experts predict additional price increases this year as a result of Pakistan’s continuing economic problems, which will further reduce bike sales.

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