Why inflation is so high in Pakistan?

There are  many  reason to high inflation but some common reason is
A number of things, including an increase in the money supply, a lack of products and services, rising production costs, and currency devaluation, contribute to inflation in Pakistan.
Inflation is a steady increase in the general level of prices. While excessive inflation can indicate an overheated economy, moderate inflation is linked to economic growth. When economic expansion picks up speed, demand increases even more quickly, and producers continuously boost prices.
and nowadays every comman man is worried about this higher inflection and this problem is totally control by government and government have to main method to control money .
  • Inflation can be managed by central bank through monetary policy measures including regulating the money supply and interest rates.
  • Price Controls: To prevent the cost of essential products and services from rising too quickly, the government may impose price limits.

A common example of inflation is today

Those who often use a car may “experience” an inflation rate that exceeds the HICP if petrol prices rise significantly more than the prices of other goods and services because their personal expenditure on petrol is higher than average.

petrol is one main thing but nowadays food and vegetables is so expensive and every common are badly effected

increasing grocery and food prices An inflation financial crisis concept depicting rising grocery store prices emerges from a paper bag-shaped finance graph arrow with 3D render parts.

How we can control inflation in Pakistan?

The government can use a variety of fiscal policy tools to reduce inflation in Pakistan, including spending cuts, higher taxes and tariffs, the implementation of price controls, and incentives for investment and economic expansion.

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