WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Upload Full Quality Images

WhatsApp allows you to share photographs in a variety of quality levels, but it does not let uploads of the original resolution. As the feature has already arrived in the most recent beta version of WhatsApp, that will soon change with an update.

For image uploads, you currently have three options: “data saver,” “automatic,” and “best quality,” but the best quality option prevents you from sharing full-resolution images. It merely reduces image compression a little bit less than the alternatives.

However, full-quality image uploads have now been added to WhatsApp as part of a recent beta upgrade (version As usual, WABetaInfo noticed the feature.

At least in the beta version, the screenshot below demonstrates how to use the feature. It is important to note that before it appears in the stable version of WhatsApp, there may be some adjustments.


A new cogwheel option will appear at the top when you choose an image from your gallery, as the screenshot demonstrates. You will be able to choose from many photo quality options, including original image uploads, thanks to this.

With all their megapixels, you will finally be able to flaunt your photography prowess or funny pet images.

If you have mobile internet restrictions, it is advised that you only utilise this option on Wi-Fi connections as uploading photographs at their original quality would consume more internet traffic.

For original-quality uploads, WhatsApp should give users the option to select between Wi-Fi and mobile internet connections.

It is uncertain when the functionality will go public because it is currently in development.

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