Watch as a cat leaps upon an imam leading Taraweeh prayers.

Several internet users were drawn to a calico cat after it decided to enter unexpectedly during Taraweeh prayers.

According to the BBC, the cat leaped on Imam Walid Mehsas as he was performing Taraweeh in Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria.

The incident was described as “heartwarming,” “sweet,” etc. by internet users as the video gained popularity on social media.

The little calico cat, which had orange, black, and white fur, initially tried to paw at the imam’s leg to catch his attention, but the imam ignored it.

The cat then leaped off the imam after licking his face and brushing his cheek with its tail.

Many users praised the imam for maintaining his focus and being kind to the cat at the same time.

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