Wasim Junior Surprises His Fans By Making a Surprising Engagement Announcement [Images]

Wasim Junior, a star bowler known for his deadly yorkers on the field, has begun a new inning off the field.

In a private ceremony held in Islamabad, the cricketer got engaged to the daughter of Asia Cargo’s owner, a well-known businessman.

Close family members from both sides attended the engagement ceremony. The occasion was organised as per the norms of Waziristan, with traditional aspects incorporated into the festivities.

The Rukhsati, or the bride’s formal departure from her parents’ home, will take place later. All of the customary wedding celebrations and rituals will take place during the wedding ceremonies in Islamabad, the nation’s capital.

Wasim Junior is renowned for his speed and precision on the field and has earned a name for himself in the cricketing community with his outstanding exploits.

His supporters are eager to see him perform in the forthcoming PSL games, but for the moment, they are thrilled to learn about this new chapter in his personal life.

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