Ushna Shah also “forgives” Feroze Khan after Muneeb Butt.

Ushna Shah, the lead in Habs, has made up with the co-star weeks after Pakistani actors Feroze Khan and Muneeb Butt made amends.

When news of the lawsuit he is facing first broke in the media, Feroze Khan has been the talk of the town, with numerous showbiz figures and celebrities criticising the Khaani actor for alleged domestic violence.

When the scandal involving Khan and his wife Alizey Sultan Khan surfaced, Shah was one among the first to expose the Khudaa aur Mohabbat lead. Shah was also a close friend of Khan.

The actor, who was then occupied with Khan in the drama series Habs, publicly criticised Khan in a statement in favour of his ex-wife.

The actor from Balaa has reportedly “forgiven” his colleague, nevertheless, as it was Ramadan and in particular the “ashra of forgiveness.”

Ushna’s Instagram stories screenshot.
Ushna’s Instagram tales, captured on screen.
Shah shared a photo of herself and Khan at the gym along with a hadith from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about forgiveness and mercy in the caption.

“It (Ramadan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle, forgiveness, and its end, emancipation from the flames (of hell), according to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is known as “Rehmat,” which means “Mercy of Allah,” “Shah composed.

Earlier, Butt and Khan ended their months-long feud after Khan apologised to him for “mistakenly” disclosing the personal contact information of his wife and other members of the entertainment industry.

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