Currently, the official Interbank exchange rate set by the State Bank of Pakistan stands at PKR 301.16 for 1 USD. It’s important to note that the buying and selling rates for the US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee differ between the Interbank and currency exchange or open market. In the Interbank market, the US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee rate has experienced a decrease of PKR 0.34, equivalent to 0.113%.

Open Market Rate

12 Sep 23PKR 297.90PKR 300.50

The weekly performance of the USD to PKR exchange rate reveals an increase in the value of the US Dollar, with the Pakistani Rupee appreciating by PKR 5.82, which represents a 1.896% gain. The highest conversion rate during this period reached PKR 307.1, while the lowest was PKR 301.16.

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Over the course of the past 30 days, the monthly fluctuation in the USD to PKR exchange rate is noteworthy. The exchange rate reached a high of PKR 307.1 and a low of PKR 288.49. During this time, the buying rate was PKR 300.66, and the selling rate stood at 301.16.

USD to PKR Interbank Rates History

12 Sep, 23300.66301.16
11 Sep, 23301.10301.50
10 Sep, 23302.45302.95
09 Sep, 23302.45302.95
08 Sep, 23302.45302.95
07 Sep, 23306.48306.98
06 Sep, 23306.60307.10
05 Sep, 23305.14305.64
04 Sep, 23304.97305.47
03 Sep, 23304.97305.47
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