US and South Korea are accused by North Korea of fomenting nuclear war.

The ongoing joint military exercises, according to a source regarded as Pyongyang’s spokesman, are raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Recently, North Korea has increased its missile-firing activities.

In reference to their combined military exercises, the US and South Korea were accused by the nation of bringing the Korean Peninsula dangerously close to nuclear war on Thursday.

The drills, according to a commentary published on Pyongyang’s official state media outlet KCNA, are raising tensions.

The drills were referred to as “a trigger for driving the situation on the Korean peninsula to the point of explosion” by Choe Ju Hyon, the commentary’s author and “international security analyst,” according to KCNA.

He forewarned of “offensive action” in return from North Korea.

The opinion stated that the “situation on the Korean peninsula is driving to an irreversible catastrophe…to the brink of a nuclear war” because to the irresponsible militarily aggressive mania of the US and its supporters towards the DPRK (North Korea).

Intensifying Conflict on the Peninsula

A series of regular springtime exercises between the US and South Korea got underway in March, including their first significant amphibious landing exercises in five years. The exercises have been harshly criticised by North Korea, which has called them a drill for an invasion.

The comments on Thursday stated that the drills had transformed the Korean peninsula into a large powder magazine that could explode at any time.

After a protracted quiet, the exercises take place while North Korean missile firing activities exponentially increase.

Pyongyang launched more than 70 missiles in 2022. North Korea has launched at least 20 ballistic and cruise missiles over ten separate launch occasions this year.

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