Until until a forensic audit of old eligibility certificates, the CDA partially bans allocations.

As part of the Islamabad Oustees Plan for land purchase in the federal capital, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) issued Eligibility Certificates (ECs) from 1960 to 1986. The CDA has asked the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) to perform a forensic audit of these ECs.

The action was taken after the CDA banned new allocations until the audit’s results were corroborated and cross-verified

Member Estate CDA sought a forensic audit in a letter to the AGP’s office in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on a civil appeal.

The Islamabad Oustees Program, which was launched in 1961, sought to rehabilitate owners of agricultural land in villages governed by Islamabad in eight districts in Punjab and two districts in Sindh.

Throughout time, the CDA distributed 16,137 ECs to impacted residents in colony districts in 153 of 232 acquired Mouzas. Yet, the practise of not using or allocating agricultural land has persisted in areas all over Punjab.

Despite the fact that ECs have been issued, there have been several instances of illegal operations, with holders turning in their certificates in exchange for rehabilitation perks including agro farms and residential plots in Islamabad.

When recipients turned in their certificates, CDA pursued article 7(2) of the Islamabad Displaced People Rehabilitation Policy 1996 and cancelled their ECs. Yet, these holders also sought compensation in Islamabad in the shape of agro farms and residential plots.

Furthermore, the ECs’ capitulation led to the finding that the agricultural land supplied in eight districts had already been sold to private parties using false signatures of Punjab authorities. Additionally, these owners of returned ECs demanded compensation in the form of housing plots and farms in Islamabad.

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