University of Sindh protests alleged property sales by the VC

The Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Sindh University, Prof Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro, has been charged with illegally transferring a CNG pump and a valuable plot of land on the Indus Highway to a private contractor by the Sindh University Employees Welfare Association (SUEWA). Muhammad Ali Ghangro, the group’s leader, organised a protest on Tuesday to demand the judgement be overturned.

According to Ghangro, a commercial contractor with political connections plans to develop a transit terminal next to the CNG pump on four to five acres of formerly university-owned land.

The Workers Welfare Association of Sindh University (SUEWA) The CNG station was started by the previous VC, Nazir Ahmed Mughal, and it used to generate up to Rs 4 million every month during peak season, he also told everyone.

Ghangro also cautioned the vice chancellor and the administration of the university from selling the institution’s assets forcibly in response to political pressure, and he requested that the appropriate authorities take note of the situation.

has accused Prof. Muhammad Iqbal, the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Sindh University,

A university representative, Nadir Ali Mugheri, denied the accusations and claimed that only the institution syndicate has the authority to lease any property, including the land and CNG station. Mugheri blamed the group for politicising a non-issue and claimed that the station has been vacant for two years due to a gas shortage and that no one would be interested in taking on such a lease.

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