United’s Fastest Bike Has a Price Rise of Rs. 60,000

United Autos raised the price of their 150cc motorcycle, US150, by Rs. 60,000 months following its
formal release in the local marketplace.

The US150 got the most accessible 150cc bike readily accessible in Pakistan when it first started earlier
this year, instantly earning an excellent track record for himself. The manufacturer is currently choosing
to raise the price by Rs. 60,000.

The US150 is being supplied for Rs. 330,000. pleasantly, United Autos decided for increasing the price of
the bicycle at a time when the Pakistani rupee is rising greatly against the US dollar.

On the contrary side, sales for electric cars in Pakistan is expanding as additional firms launch
motorcycles. Yadea, a Chinese e-bike organisation, has just opened its first search in Lahore.

The T5 variant is also its first electric scooter on the market in town. The e-bike costs Rs. 245,000 and
offers a range of 105 miles on a single charge.

Due to the businesses, more shops will be established in Pakistan, and new e-bikes will be made
available in the not-too-distant future.

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