United raises the cost of its top-selling bicycles

The announcements by Atlas Honda and Yamaha have sparked a fresh round of price increases in the two-wheeler sector. Recently, United raised the prices of its most well-liked bikes by a little amount.

The following new prices will be in effect as of May 9:

Bikes Current Prices (Rs.) New Prices (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
US 70 106,500 109,500 3,000
US 100 112,000 115,000 3,000
US 125 159,500 164,500 5,000

It’s interesting to note that the manufacturer of the US 100 Scooty, US 150, and its electric bikes did not raise their prices. Additionally, no specific justification for the walk was given.

Recent official statistics show that Pakistan now produces the majority of the world’s bikes. The producers of motorcycles have no justification to raise prices so frequently or by such wide margins.

The bulk of purchasers can no longer afford brand-new bikes because of the recent price increases. The government has been called upon to address the issue, but no reaction has been given by the relevant parties.

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