The United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council released an alert about a cyber threat that may impose an impact on users of Apple and Android mobile phones.
It mentioned an important Apple update that fixed an important security issue related to the most recent tweet. Three specific risk codes for users of Android were additionally mentioned.

The codes that follow are CVE-2023-41064, CVE-2023-41061, and CVE-2023-35674 for the

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In short, these security holes might allow hackers to break into your system, perceive your
private data, and maybe take full ownership of your cell phone or tablet.
In order to remain protected, the council recommends downloading the most current updates from Apple and Android.

The newly identified vulnerabilities in Apple devices were being taken into account by malware linked to the company NSO, as reported by Citizen Lab, an organization that closely tracks dangers on the internet. Such became apparent because Citizen Lab found this malware on an Apple device utilized by an employee of a Washington-based organization.

To prevent this kind of assault, Apple suggests using “Lockdown Mode” on Apple devices.
Whatever the user does nothing at all, this vulnerability could harm iPhones, specifically those using iOS 16.6.

The issue is fixed with the most recent update, and however. You should consequently update your electronic devices immediately as you possibly can.

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