UAE Public Transportation: Intercity buses in Sharjah now have free Wi-Fi

A new development strategy has been published by Sharjah’s Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) with the goal of improving the calibre of services provided to commuters.

In support of this programme, free Wi-Fi has been made available to passengers on intercity buses in Sharjah, enhancing their comfort and connectivity. To help individuals waiting for buses, Wi-Fi equipment has also been deployed at bus stops throughout the city.

The creation of a username, password, or the submission of any personal data is not necessary for commuters. As it is an open network, their devices will immediately connect. All users are able to access the internet for free.

The Sayer and Mowasalat cards can also be used by Sharjah residents to pay for their transportation costs on the 15 routes that intercity buses travel each day.

A broader trend in the United Arab Emirates is the provision of free Wi-Fi services on public transportation, and Sharjah is no exception (UAE). Free Wi-Fi is also provided on buses from Dubai to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, and the service is also offered on Abu Dhabi’s public buses.

An important development for the city’s public transportation system is the SRTA’s introduction of free Wi-Fi on intercity buses and in bus terminals. It will enable commuters to maintain contact while on the move, making for more efficient and enjoyable commutes.

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