UAE Launches Crime Awareness Campaign

The UAE Public Prosecution developed “Waey,” a criminal media centre, to educate the public about criminal legislation.

Media education, legal assistance, and community outreach will promote good behaviour and tolerance at the centre. Media and technology will help Waey target youth.

UAE Public Prosecution launched “Waey Criminal Information Centre” on Tuesday through Twitter.

Public Prosecution introduces ‘Waey’ Criminal Information Centre #UAE #ppuae #waey

May 9, 2023—UAE_PP

The legal authority said Waey will develop legal education and guidance strategies and media programmes.

It will also create youth-focused programmes to promote positive behaviour and tolerance.

The centre will study bad social behaviours that affect Emirati values and conduct legal and social media research.

It will also educate the public about harmful social behaviours and how to handle them through awareness programmes.

Dubai toll scam
Dubai’s electronic toll road system, Salik, warned people about bogus notifications for “vehicle trip fees.”

شركة سالك تذكركم بعدم مشاركة أي من معلوماتكم الشخصية أو البنكية مع أي جهة غير موثوقة لتجنب التعرض لأي نوع من أساليب الاحتيال. يمكنكم زيارة موقع سوق دبي المالي لمعرفة المزيدسالك #بوابات_سالك #بطاقة_سالك#سالك_دبي

— Salik (@Salik_ae) May 5, 2023

Salik tweeted that citizens should not give out personal or financial information to strangers to avoid scams.

SALIK, not a number, sends official payment messages. This verifies the company’s statement. The Smart Salik app allows secure payments.

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