UAE Issues a Strict Caution During Ramadan to Professional Beggars

The UAE Public Prosecution has issued a severe warning to the nation’s professional beggars in light of the start of Ramadan. The authorities warned beggars of the severe penalties emphasised in Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of 2021 in a video tweet.

The following list of circumstances in which begging is prohibited by law:

without any apparent infirmity, beg.
having a means of support.
showing a fictitious injury.
feigning to provide a service.
any kind of deception against humans.

The aforementioned offences have severe penalties, including a minimum fine of AED 5,000 ($1,361) and three months in jail.

Although the UAE has long waged a campaign against beggars, with the start of Ramadan, the authorities have stepped up their efforts. Because they are known to take advantage of people’s generosity during this month, professional beggars have become more prevalent.

This law was passed in order to safeguard people who actually need it. The government has pushed individuals to turn to these organisations rather than begging because there are numerous trustworthy charities and organisations that assist the poor.

The administration has urged locals to be watchful and report any suspicious behaviour by beggars to the authorities

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