UAE Declares Many E-Services Partially Suspended

Tomorrow for eight hours, all e-services will be temporarily suspended by the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Economy (MoE) for development reasons.

The e-services will be unavailable from 4 PM on Saturday, March 11, to 12 AM on Sunday, according to the official notification and its website (12 March).

Residents of the UAE can access many e-services through the MoE. These include anti-money laundering services, consumer protection, industrial designs, patent services, and many others.

UAE adopts new commercial agency law

The MoE stated last month that a new legislation governing commercial agencies would go into effect on June 16, 2023. This regulation limits the operation of commercial agencies to UAE citizens and publicly traded corporations that contribute at least 51% of the nation’s capital.

It is important to note that in the UAE, a company’s nationals or joint stock companies typically possess a majority of its equity. This is known as the national capital contribution.

However, under certain circumstances and with the UAE Cabinet’s blessing, foreign businesses may still be allowed to act as commercial agents for their own goods.


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