Two public holidays are set for Holi in Sindh.

On the occasion of Holi, the Sindh government has declared two public holidays for the province’s Hindu population.

The Hindu employees of all autonomous, semi-autonomous, and governmental organisations that are under the administrative jurisdiction of the Sindh government will receive holidays on March 6 and 7 in observance of Holi, according to the official announcement.

Addressing on the subject, CM Sindh wished the Hindu community well on this auspicious day and recognised their contributions to Pakistan’s growth and prosperity through their work and sacrifices.

He continued by saying that the Sindh Police had received stringent directives to guarantee the Holi festivities of the Hindu community and the security of their holy sites.

The CM continued by saying that the Sindhi government and people have always supported the Hindu community and will continue to work to protect their rights.

He also noted that the Sindh province government’s current ruling party provided representation for the Hindu population not just in the Assembly but also in all autonomous, semi-autonomous, and governmental organisations.

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