Two passenger trains will be upgraded by Pakistan Railways

Two of Pakistan Railways’ (PR) passenger trains will be upgraded to improve traveller comfort and boost revenue for the organisation.

The Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) was informed by an official that Khawaja Saad Rafique, the minister for railways, had directed staff to upgrade trains headed for Karachi for passengers. According to him, the Green Line Train will be improved to the same standard as the Karakoram Express and Pak-Business Express.

The source went on to say that branding for a number of passenger trains and platforms is being considered. He claimed that branding buses, trains, and other transportation options will help PR’s deteriorating situation and enable private businesses to promote their goods.

Five trains and two stations will be used by the department for branding reasons. As a pilot project, it will brand the toilet seats, passenger coach walls, and seat covers.

The representative said:

After beginning this project, the department’s deficit would diminish, and the minister has already given the involved party the go-ahead to swiftly finish all necessary paperwork.

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