two fatalities as eastern The deadliest ice storm to hit Canada in 20 years

The effects of an ice storm that has claimed two lives and left one million people without power are still being felt in eastern Canada.

The city of Montreal was in a state of destruction as downed power lines and blocked roadways were caused by fallen trees. The hurricane tore across Canada’s two most populous provinces, Quebec and Ontario, but Quebec sustained the most damage and saw a significant power loss, according to AFP.

The majority of the power outages were caused by ice-covered tree limbs that broke and damaged electrical lines. Authorities have warned people to avoid strolling near downed power lines and wooded areas where ice-laden trees can fall.

A man in his 60s was killed on Thursday morning after being crushed by a branch in his garden, roughly 60 kilometres (37 miles) west of Montreal, while an Ontario resident was killed on Wednesday by a falling tree.

The greatest power outage in Quebec since an ice storm in 1998 that plunged the province into anarchy for many weeks still affected close to one million consumers on Thursday evening.

The ice storm has hit the entire region, including Montreal, and Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, who was in Montreal, said that the situation is extremely difficult for everyone affected.

On Thursday evening, road crews were still trying to clean up debris from the streets. Residents without electricity have been housed in emergency facilities as the temperature dipped below freezing.

As a result of climate change, occurrences like these may occur more frequently in the years to come, according to Quebec Premier Francois Legault.


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