Twitter is Auctioning its Office Furniture: Bird Logo, Coffee Tables and Much More!

The items up for auction were utilised in the San Francisco, California-based Twitter headquarters.
Want to own a piece of Twitter’s past? The firm puts hundreds of its furniture and decorative pieces up for an online auction, so now is your opportunity. ‘@’ sign planters and other well-known Twitter workplace décor, such the “bird logo,” are advertised for thousands of dollars.

This auction is a part of Twitter’s cost-cutting strategy, according to reports that CEO Elon Musk decided to go with it. Approximately 7500 staff were let go during this process, which began as soon as Elon Musk assumed office and even terminated benefits like free dinners at Twitter headquarters.

Later, the new CEO made more modifications in an effort to improve the company’s cash flow. The introduction of $10 verification badges and the intention to sell off usernames are two examples of these modifications.

Twitter’s furniture auction was justified because the firm would not need much of its furniture now that 50% of its employees had left.

There are many different types of office equipment and furnishings offered for auction. kitchen appliances including

premium La Marzocco espresso makers and even beverage dispensers for carbonated beverages. Coffee tables and other pieces of furniture with widespread use are also offered at the auction.


Twitter hasn’t forgotten about the little things however, with office drawers and printing materials still available for around $60.

Elon Musk revealed that the firm is experiencing a difficult financial condition as a result of declining advertising income shortly after walking into the Twitter office.

Internet users are criticising Musk for selling furniture at auction in order to recover the cost of acquiring Twitter. Nick Dove, a representative of Heritage Global Partners, responded to the criticism by calling the critics “morons” if they thought the money from the sale of a few laptops and chairs would cover the cost of the mountain.

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