Twitter Blue Tick Costs More in Saudi Arabia Than the UAE and the US

Twitter has revealed that it will charge businesses in Saudi Arabia about $65 more for a blue tick verification than it will charge businesses in the US.

The change happened after Twitter CEO Elon Musk gave verified users until April 1 to decide whether to keep their authentication or not.

The cost of Twitter organisation verification varies by country owing to regional market dynamics. The verification charge for an organisation is $1,000 in the US, but $1,065.68 in Saudi Arabia.

The blue tick is crucial for businesses because it gives their accounts more authority and aids in fostering a sense of confidence among their followers.

UAE businesses will pay fees that are almost identical to those in the US, with authentication costing AED 3,700 ($1,007) per month.

Depending on the requirements of both individuals and businesses, Twitter provides a variety of subscription packages. The monthly subscription cost for lone individuals starts at $8. However, businesses must pay a monthly minimum of $1,000 as well as an extra $50 for each affiliate or employee account connected to their Twitter profile.

There have been conflicting reactions to Twitter’s move to charge Saudi Arabian users more for verification than users in the US and the UAE. Some people disagree, claiming that it is unfair to charge more based on where a nation is located.

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