Transgender people are now being issued licences by the Lahore City Traffic Police (CTP). According to media reports, the department has awarded learner permits to more than ten people from the Tahaffuz Centre for Vulnerable Transgenders in Liberty Market in the previous ten days.

Following the issuance of the learner’s permit, the police announced that a permanent licence will be issued. While speaking to the media, members of the transgender community commended the traffic police for creating Tahaffuz centres.

The process of obtaining a driver’s licence is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Licence Applicants Get Help

According to media reports, CTP has removed the file system from the process of issuing driving licences. Applicants can now apply for a driver’s licence by showing their National Identity Cards (NICs).

The government has also permitted applicants to take driving exams in their personal vehicles. These measures were performed as part of the paperless driving licence issuance system to simplify and ease the process for candidates.

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