Top Sprinter Sahib-e-Asra Calls Out PSB for Risking Her Asian Games Participation

Pakistani sprinter Sahib-e-Asra has spoken out against the Pakistan Sports Board, expressing her frustration with the delay in her participation in the 2023 Asian Games. This delay has put her opportunity to shine on the international stage at risk, especially since her fellow athletes have already embarked on their journey to China.

Talented sprinter Sahib e Asra has criticized the authorities for what she perceives as unfair treatment, which could jeopardize her long-anticipated appearance at the prestigious Asian Games in 2023. Asra, who has eagerly awaited this significant moment in her career, has been denied the opportunity to travel to China alongside her fellow athletes. Her growing despair is palpable as her event approaches.


The controversy ignited when the Pakistan Sports Board purportedly received instructions to withhold Asra’s participation, along with that of another athlete. This decision is ostensibly linked to pending results from a recent doping test. Asra, however, contends that all athletes are awaiting their test results and yet have been granted permission to compete in China. She further emphasized that the governing rules and regulations do not prohibit any player from participating in a tournament while awaiting test results.

This incident bears striking similarities to a previous disappointment experienced by Asra, where her dreams were dashed due to official complications. Fearing a recurrence of history, she has voiced her suspicion that this situation is a deliberate maneuver by her competitors to undermine her aspirations of gaining international recognition.

As the seconds continue to tick away and the flight departure deadline looms, Sahib e Asra’s participation in the Asian Games remains uncertain. The Pakistan Sports Board must make a swift decision to permit the talented sprinter to board today’s flight, ensuring her inclusion in Pakistan’s contingent for the event set to commence on September 29th.

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