Top 10 Data Science Jobs for Novices in 2023

With the development of technology, new industries and artificial intelligence tools have gained enormous global popularity.

In a similar vein, data science is no longer a trendy word. In one way or another, data science is used in almost every industry. As a result of the field’s current popularity, everyone is attempting to enter the field as a career.

One of the most promising job paths one might consider is data science.

The top 10 data science career opportunities for 2023 are presented below.

Applications Architect

An application architect is in charge of monitoring, controlling, and tracking how users interact with the apps.

In contrast, a person needs a computer degree along with other credentials and courses. One of the highest paying jobs is this one.

Science of Machine Learning

A machine learning scientist is in charge of investigating novel administration and computation techniques. A machine learning scientist is also referred to as a research scientist or research engineer at some companies, though.

Also, the person working in data science must conduct considerable research.

Data Scientist

A data analyst is someone who is required to examine enormous amounts of data and draw relevant conclusions from the same material. This allows the business to make wiser judgements. A/B testing and web analytics tracking are two skills that are essential for being a good data analyst.

Data Architect

Another top-paying position in data science is that of a data architect. To establish an interconnected information biological system that includes the organisation, rules and obligations include developing new data set frameworks, employing performance, and planned examination. The primary objective is to make sure that the data is accurate, legitimate, and accessible to the user.

Infrastructure Architect

An infrastructure architect’s duties include keeping an eye on the current business systems to make sure they can accommodate the newest technological demands. If someone is serious about becoming a skilled infrastructure architect, they must first have a degree in computer engineering.

Yet, the businesses provide top incomes and attractive packages despite the profession’s rigorous demands.

Analyst of data

These days, one of the well-paid professions is data scientist. Unfortunately, a lot of people have trouble telling a data scientist from a data analyst. Data preparation jobs require a data scientist to be more technically skilled.

The primary goal is to find interesting patterns and trends in the data. Also, this is a lucrative position and one of the most promising career paths.


Data science is growing in popularity, and the professions it creates pay well. A person is expected to obtain, analyse, and interpret the information in the most efficient manner in this additional highly fascinating data science sector.

Hence, it is the fastest-growing and one of the most paid data science careers. It is essential to have a strong foundation in arithmetic, computer science, and economics.

Business Architect

It is the responsibility of one person to adapt organisational procedures to novel ideas. Also, a person must be able to recognise wants and requirements in order to fulfil the goals of the business. Also, each person needs to create a plan of action.

Analyst for business intelligence

The person must be exceptionally skilled and talented in his field. A professional must possess a combination of both skills, including specialist aptitude with business expertise and management board ideas.

A person who wants to become a business intelligence analyst needs to be extremely knowledgeable about the main BI tools and applications.

Nonetheless, an applicant with an MBA and experience in analytics would be fantastic for this position.

Engineer in Machine Learning

A machine learning expert is in charge of developing data pipelines and communicating programming solutions.

The responsibilities are more higher and more extensive. In addition to carrying out tests and trials, responsibilities also include evaluating the effectiveness of framework implementations.

However, there are a lot of online courses that one can use to acquire great prospects.

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