Today, you can check PIA flight information via WhatsApp.

By creating a new WhatsApp chatbot, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has made a huge improvement to the travelling experience for its customers.

The chatbot makes it possible for passengers to confirm their reservations for tickets and seats online, which will definitely make the process more comfortable for them.

Now, travellers may immediately get assistance with a variety of flight-related difficulties, like ticket verification and seat selection. To confirm the timetables and schedule of their flights, they might also use WhatsApp.

According to PIA’s tweet, the airline is committed to enhancing its customer support services, and the new WhatsApp chatbot is proof of this commitment. Consumers can now use WhatsApp to contact PIA instead of visiting their offices or dialling a hotline as they previously had to do.

Travelers who prefer traditional methods of booking and confirmation can still get in-person customer service from PIA despite the new offering

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