The government intends to punish illegal sugar merchants and hoarders in order to reduce sugar prices. The Special Branch, in collaboration with the police and district administration, is expected to play a crucial role in ensuring sugar availability at a reasonable price.

The authorities are anticipated to issue a statement soon. Following the findings of the Special Branch on sugar hoarders and smugglers, the district administration and police will devise a strategy.

Dr. Usman Anwar, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab, has urged regional police officials, city police officers, and district police officers to put an end to this illegal activity in accordance with the strategy.

According to the IGP, sugar prices have risen due to stockpiling and smuggling. The Prime Minister has previously directed a crackdown on sugar stockpiles and smuggling, citing allegations of profiteering.

PM Sharif also directed Punjab’s temporary chief minister (CM) to establish a system to ensure that sugar is supplied at a reasonable price.

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