Tim Cook: Apple Products Will Use More AI.

At the Apple Q2 results call, CEO Tim Cook said his company wants to enter the AI market and investigate its possibilities.
Apple is sluggish to adapt to the generative AI market, where Google and Microsoft are competing. However, the corporation has finally stated that it is interested in AI and may include it into future goods.

At the Apple Q2 results call, CEO “Tim Cook” said the business wants to integrate AI into more products.

After this statement, Apple fans can expect their future gadgets to have trendy AI capabilities like an Apple chatbot or an AI camera. What do you think Apple will “weave” into its future devices?

After his statement, Cook said the corporation will deploy AI cautiously. The fast pace of AI development has raised concerns about its risks, especially from former Google employees like “Geoffery Hinton,” the “Godfather of AI,” who is now protesting against the technology.

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes that specific challenges must be resolved before companies start mass-releasing AI technologies, taking into account the risks of AI.

Apple products have crash detection and heart monitoring AI functions. Future AI features will be released “very thoughtfully”.

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