TikToker has been held for recording in a police uniform

In Peshawar, police arrested a TikToker for uploading videos on social networking sites while clothed in a police uniform.

The suspect, according to leaders, falsely presented himself as a police officer, generating movies in a uniform and posted them on TikTok. While being held by police, the suspect expressed regret for how he behaved and promised that he would not make similar records in the future.

He additionally sent a message to other members of TikTok, asking them not to make movies attacking police clothing or the police in principle. The police took the suspect’s police uniform as well as his cell phone and an investigation was filed over him.

In an identical instance earlier this year, a TikToker was arrested twice in just one day. He was arrested the first time for not possessing appropriate auto ownership papers. Due to this infraction, he was transported to the Shah Faisal police

But while he awaited his parents to provide the correct paperwork, he decides to make a TikTok video with his feet raised up on the desk.
As terms of his terms of bail, he was compelled to give an apology on television.

He was questioned about his identity and background during the video. At the police station, he explained the events that led to his imprisonment and

expressed sincere remorse for his actions, stressing his demand for another shot at life.

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