Three straight days off for Sindh

In honour of World Labour Day, a public holiday will be observed on Monday, the Sindh government declared on Thursday.

All provincial government and semi-government agencies will be closed on May 1 (Thursday), according to the notification.

According to a statement from the Services and General Administration Department, all schools, colleges, and institutions will be closed on May 1. From Saturday through Monday, there will be 3 straight days off.


Every year on May 1, people around the world observe World Labour Day, sometimes referred to as International Workers’ Day or May Day, to honour the contributions that workers make to society. It honours the historical struggle of workers for improved pay, working conditions, and hours.

The day also acts as a reminder of the ongoing initiatives being made to safeguard workers’ rights and advance ethical labour standards all across the world.

To honour the contributions that workers make to their countries’ economies and to advance labourers’ rights, many nations, including Pakistan, have declared May 1 a public holiday.

Workers’ rights groups and trade unions frequently organise demonstrations, parades, and other events on this day to promote labour problems and push for improved pay and working conditions.

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