This Year, There Won’t Be a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE [Leak]

The Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung’s last Fan Edition or “FE” smartphone, was released in January of the previous year, which caused a sizable pause in the introduction of future FE models.

As initial rumours of a Galaxy S22 FE failed to materialise, talk shifted to rumours of a Galaxy S23 FE, which was anticipated due later this year.

But today, a reliable and consistent leaker, Roland Quandt, provided a depressing update for those eagerly anticipating the S23 FE. He claims that there are no signs that an S23 FE will be introduced this year, or at any other time for that matt

But, we are unable to provide specific information regarding Samsung’s objectives or what is taking place behind the scenes. You should take any information about the existence and launch status (or lack thereof) of this device with a grain of salt because there are conflicting stories about it.

Even though Quandt did not disclose any additional details, it is reasonable to believe that he would have known something about the device if its release date had been approaching because he is a reliable source of leaks. This would indicate that the Galaxy S23 FE won’t be released at all, at least not very soon.

The two FE versions that Samsung has already introduced don’t seem to be in favour. Although the business appears to prefer that customers purchase a previous year’s flagship smartphone or an A-series mid-ranger for a comparable budget, these devices were created to compete with flagship models.

This is only one interpretation of the scenario, though. In the event that there are any changes, we’ll keep you informed.

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