This year, Samsung might introduce the first foldable tablet.

Although they have a larger playable screen, foldable cellphones are not quite the same as full-fledged tablets. While foldable phones have been available for some time, the world’s first folding tablet may eventually be introduced this year.

According to a revelation from tipster “Revengus,” Samsung was the first to do it with cellphones and may be the first to do it again with tablets. According to the source, Samsung will release a foldable tablet called the Z Tab with the Galaxy Tab S9 this year.

Although there are currently no rumours on the device’s features, it is expected to have a much larger screen than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which has a 7.6-inch inner display. At the very least, we may anticipate something larger than 10 inches, albeit probably not as large as the flagship Tab S8 Ultra, which has a 14-inch display. Whether the tablet will fit in a pocket when folded cannot be predicted in advance.

It will undoubtedly be powered by top-tier components including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip from Qualcomm, a 120Hz AMOLED screen, and a huge battery that will probably be divided in two. A magnetic dock and support for a S Pen could be included.
It won’t be intended for the general public, though, given its higher price tag for being a foldable tablet. In any case, the second half of the year, when the Galaxy Tab S9 series is anticipated to launch, is when we can expect to learn more about it.

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