This year, Nestle would invest Rs. 3 billion in Pakistan.

Despite Pakistan’s high inflation and the general population’s declining purchasing power, consumer goods companies have thrived. This demonstrates their ideal investment approach, as demonstrated by Nestle Pakistan’s solid goal to invest Rs. 3 billion in the current fiscal year.

According to the official figures included in biannual reports, Nestle Pakistan had proposed an investment plan in the preceding year of 2022 that eventually amounted to Rs. 3.4 billion in various stations.

The company made the following investments as a result: 1.225 billion rupees in its Sheikhupura factory; 755 million rupees in its Kabirwala factory; 519 million rupees in its distribution and sales channels; 180 million rupees in its water plants; and 790 million rupees in other heads, such as renewable energy projects. As a result, the business achieved a record-breaking profit of Rs. 15 billion, up 15% from the previous year (Rs. 2.28 billion).

Higher sales of the company’s products, which mostly include dairy, beverages, and mineral water, support the bottom line. Floods caused a disturbance in the supply chain, but the company continued to make continuous investments, which led to strong growth for the brand.

In addition, it introduced several new products, such as the LABAN drinking yoghurt, MILKPAK Chocolate, Morning Cream, and MILO RTD in PET, as well as the new IRON + (BUNYAD) and the NESTLÉ CERELAC Nature’s Selection line.

In order to meet customer needs, the corporation also made a 3 billion rupee investment plan for operational reliability in 2023. The company is seeking to increase the recycling of its packaging by over 100% by 2025, along with the rise in production and sales.

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