This is Pakistan’s first government hospital to perform robotic surgery.

The Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute (PKLI) has conducted the country’s first public hospital robotic procedure. According to PKLI, this is a game changer and a game changer.

Robotic surgery, often known as robot-assisted surgery, enables doctors to do complicated operations with greater accuracy, flexibility, and control. It is most usually associated with minimally invasive surgery, which comprises treatments delivered through small incisions, but it is also used in some regular open surgical procedures.

According to specialists, the most often used clinical robotic surgical system consists of a camera arm and mechanical arms with surgical equipment attached. According to a PKLI spokeswoman, Dr. Nadeem Bin Nusrat, Chairman of the Urology Department, and his colleagues were responsible for this historic achievement.

According to Dr. Nadeem, the treatment was a radical nephrectomy, and the patient was able to leave the hospital within a few hours. This hitherto unheard-of level of precision and care, he claims, will transform the way we approach surgical procedures.

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