This Is How Much This Year’s Government Hajj Program Will Cost.

Just one day after the Federal Cabinet approved the Hajj Policy 2023, citizens began signing up for the government’s Hajj programme in 2023.

Northern Pakistani pilgrims will pay Rs. 1.175 million (Rs. 11.75 lakh) for the Hajj, while southern Pakistani pilgrims will pay Rs. 1.165 million (Rs. 11.65 Lakh).

Applications for the Hajj will be accepted from March 16 through March 31, 2023, at 14 authorised banks around the nation.

Under the standard Hajj procedure, applicants who have completed Hajj within the last five years will be disqualified, but this year, the age restriction has been lifted.

In the official Hajj Plan 2023, the government has reserved a 50% quota for those who opt to perform a private Hajj. The minister added that the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar has caused Hajj expenses to rise by more than Rs. 350,000.

Nonetheless, he emphasised that the prices of the Hajj programme are still lower than those in nearby nations like Bangladesh, India, and Afghanistan.

Minister Abdul Shakoor praised the government for resolving concerns over the Hajj cash exchange. He recognised that tax rises in Saudi Arabia had contributed to an increase in the cost of necessities and goods.

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