This Country is Getting 6G Before Everyone Else

The Korean Ministry of Science and ICT announced on Monday that South Korea would launch its own 6G network in 2028, utilising cutting-edge technology and advanced software-based mobile networks, as well as strengthening its network supply chains.

To aid in the development of the 6G network, the South Korean government will provide incentives to local manufacturers of materials, components, and equipment. It also plans to strengthen its supply chain to support the network.

A feasibility study into core 6G technology is also underway, with the project valued at KRW 625.3 billion (approximately $482.1 million).

South Korea hopes to outpace the rest of the world in the development of 6G technology through this initiative. South Korea, Asia’s fourth-largest economy, will account for 25.9% of 5G patents in 2022, while China will account for 26.8%.

In comparison to its competitors, the South Korean government hopes to outnumber them by 30% or more in 6G patents.

According to Zhang Yongtao, deputy general manager of Ericsson China Technology Department, 6G will integrate the virtual and real worlds, making holographic communication a reality rather than a science fiction fantasy.

We can only hope that 6G does not overpromise and underdeliver like 5G, which has yet to reach many regions and is far from reliable even in areas where it is widely available.

In Pakistan, the government has promised to launch 5G by June of this year, but it is unclear whether the inauguration will take place on that date. PTA has already issued guidelines on how to prepare your smartphones for 5G use before it is released.

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