The safest nations for women travelling alone are the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have continuously performed admirably in terms of governance, tourism, the economy, and investments. After being named the safest locations for women travelling alone, both nations recently accomplished yet another milestone.

Female solo travellers give their personal safety and the presence of gender equality a high priority when choosing a location. The UAE and Saudi Arabia have excelled in this area by exceeding these standards and offering exemplary levels of safety and gender equality.

InsureMyTrip, one of the top websites for comparing travel insurance, gave 65 towns rankings for affordability, safety, gender equality, and tourism.

The city of Madinah in Saudi Arabia was named the safest place on earth. It received scores of 9.29 out of 10 for overall safety and 9.3 out of 10 for “absence of worry about attacks based on gender.” It also received an 82.75 grade for feeling secure while out alone at night.

According to the rankings, Dubai is the safest city in the world for female travellers travelling alone because it received a perfect score of 10 for “feeling safe while walking at night alone.” The total safety rating was 8.95.

The top ten locations for female solo travellers are listed below:

Rank City Country
1. Dubai UAE
2. Madrid Spain
3. Chiang Mai Thailand
4. Antalya Turkey
5. Munich Germany
6. Barcelona Spain
7. Madina Saudi Arabia
8. Prague Czech Republic
9. Krakow Poland
10. Lisbon Portugal

Additionally, Dubai outperformed New York in terms of the finest travel experience, receiving a 9.78 rating for the “quality of things to do” category and a 5 out of 5 rating for TikTok’s popularity.

According to InsureMyTrip, Riyadh, the city of Saudi Arabia, went from 60th place in 2022 to 24th place in 2023 in terms of safety.

The ten safest places worldwide are listed below:

Rank City Country
1. Madina Saudi Arabia
2. Chiang Mai Thailand
3. Dubai UAE
4. Macao China
5. Heraklion Greece
6. Kyoto Japan
7. Hong Kong China
8. Munich Germany
9. Prague Czech Republic
10. Amsterdam Netherlands

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