The price of every iPhone 15 model will increase by up to 20%.

According to Jeff Pu, a tech analyst at Hong Kong-based investment firm Haitong International Securities, Apple’s next iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max would likely cost more than their predecessors.

Pu recently predicted that the price of the iPhone 15 series would increase because of multiple high-end hardware upgrades. The phone sports a redesigned titanium frame, an A-17 Bionic chip, more RAM, a periscope lens for optical zoom, a solid-state button with haptic feedback, and these features.

The A-17 Bionic chipset, produced by TSMC using 3nm techniques, will be used in the iPhone Pro models. According to the most recent sources, TSMC, the company is having trouble producing the chipset, which will result in price increases.


The cost of the Apple iPhone 15 Series is about to increase.

News reports and projections indicate that the newest A-17 Bionic chipset is present in the iPhone 15 Pro variants. according to 3nm techniques. The A-16 Bionic chipset will most likely be present in both the regular iPhone and the Plus at the same time.

Apple claims that the M-series CPU, which will power forthcoming Macs, will be produced using the same 3nm technique.

This guarantees that the latest sophisticated chipsets will give improved performance and battery life.

For the iPhone 15 and Pro models, a price increase has now been announced twice. As a result, the new procedures guarantee customer satisfaction by offering SOCs that are extremely effective and potent. However, the cost of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max has increased due to the TSMC’s most recent production.


Price Growth

According to the most recent data, the iPhone 15 base model will probably witness a rise of 12%, while the iPhone 15 Pro model would see an increase of almost 20%.

As a result, these percentage increases use the costs of iPhone 14 phones as a benchmark. Therefore, if you intend to buy any iPhone models, you should start saving up.

People continue to wonder why the cost of the new iPhones will be so high. The company requires assistance with the tools and yield, which limits the flow of manufacturing volume, is the solution.

Additionally, according to Brett Simpson of Arete Research, TSMC will employ an 82-mask layer with a die size that ranges from 100 to 110 mm square. For the Apple A-17 Bionic, which will be used in the upcoming iPhone 15 series, this will result in 620 chips per wafer.

The M3, on the other hand, will have 450 chips per wafer with a die size of 135 to 150 mm square. TSMC’s current yield rate for these two Apple chipsets is roughly 55%, which is shockingly low.

TSMC also indicated confidence in a development that would eventually raise the yield rate to 70%.

But the price of production has gone up by 20%. Customers will notice a significant change if Apple wishes to maintain a healthy profit margin at a particular acceptable level.

Unfortunately, all of these are just conjectures based on the current situation. Apple may not change the costs of the iPhone 15 and the Pro models.

Apple previously priced its iPhone 14 Series portfolio at the same level as the iPhone 13 Series. Therefore, despite the higher production costs, Apple will still succeed with the iPhone 15 series.

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