The Price of a Used Corolla Is Paid for This Simple Honda Motorbike

As an entry-level performance motorcycle, Honda has introduced the CB Unicorn in Nigeria.

The new product is “extremely reliable for business and private use,” according to Hirohide Ichikawa, Managing Director of Honda Nigeria Ltd, who made this statement during his keynote address.

He claimed that the Honda Unicorn, which is well-liked in India and the Middle East, was perfected via the collaboration of Honda’s commercial partners, distribution value chain, and individual users.

The motorcycle’s 162.7cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine produces 12.7 horsepower and 14 Newton metres (Nm) of torque. The CB Unicorn is an affordable commuter bike with a kick and self-starter, a five-speed transmission, and air-cooling.

The new bike, according to the manufacturer, features a sturdy diamond frame that can withstand damage from rough routes. To keep the bike affordable for the majority of people, the entire architecture is equally simple.

This may be the case for the global economy, but in Pakistan, the situation is totally different. The bike’s price, when converted into local currency, is approximately Rs. 810,000.

This places CB Unicorn well within Pakistan’s 200cc motorcycle category. Even in a very volatile market like Pakistan, the bike might still be a huge commercial success due to its simplicity and dependability.

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