The newest messaging platform to receive a ChatGPT integration is Slack.

The business communication software “Slack,” owned by Salesforce, will soon have some AI superpowers. Salesforce, the company behind Slack, announced that it is actively collaborating with OpenAI to bring generative artificial intelligence to not only Slack but to the entire business software sector. This declaration follows Salesforce’s statement that it is actively collaborating with the OpenAI, ChatGPT, creators and seeks to introduce AI technology to the commercial software sector as a whole, not just Slack.

Salesforce claims that it will merge OpenAI and other partners with its in-house AI technology, EinsteinGPT. The integrated AI will then assist users of business software in a variety of tasks, including creating email draughts, obtaining customer account information, and even writing code.

Users will be able to summarise lengthy group chats and know exactly what is being discussed without having to read through hundreds of messages thanks to ChatGPT’s final integration with Slack.

Salesforce announced this new integration, joining the ranks of other IT firms who have entered the AI race by incorporating OpenAI technologies into their services.

Once generative AI and ChatGPT gained popularity, top IT businesses hurried to integrate it, and they are already providing novel AI features.

When discussing the rivalry in the generative AI space, Clara Shih, a general manager at Salesforce, stated that “Salesforce’s own data and AI models will help differentiate its service. Salesforce’s generative AI tools would let organisations “totally reinvent how they communicate with their customers.”

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