The new yellow colour for the iPhone 14 series is now available.

In addition to the current five hues of midnight, starlight, red, blue, and purple, the additional yellow hue will be available.

The unexpected but brilliant yellow has just been named as the 2018 iPhone colour of the year by Apple. The yellow iPhone has a beautiful look and sheen, making it the ideal follow-up to the green iPhone from the previous year.

The iPhone’s back glass panel is a vibrant yellow that combines the mild yellow of the iPhone 11 and the deep yellow of the iPhone XR. The yellow colour itself deserves a lot of the credit for the back panel’s remarkable reflected qualities.

If you looked closely at the iPhone, you would notice that the aluminium frame also has a vivid yellow hue comparable to the unique iPhone X hue. This is a feature that is uncommon in other versions.

Although the colour option this year looks fantastic, it will only be offered on the basic iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models and not the iPhone 14 Pro variants. The current five colors—midnight, starlight, red, blue, and purple—will be joined by the new yellow shade.

The colour of the year model, like with every year, will just have a change in colour and the same hardware and software as all previous models.

Apple is also launching some incredible new silicone phone cases for all iPhone 14 models in addition to the iPhone 14. The $49 phone cases come in Canary Yellow, Olive, Sky, and Iris as options for colour.

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