The Moon Will Get a 4G Mobile Network Thanks to Nokia

According to specifics, Nokia intends to deploy the 4G network this year with the aid of a SpaceX rocket.
For more than 14 years, 4G internet has been available to users on Earth. Now, however, the technology will take off and offer high-speed internet to users on the moon.

The Finnish telecommunications company “Nokia” confirmed that it is getting ready to put up a 4G network on the moon later this year. You did not misread that. Once established, this mobile network will progress lunar discoveries and support upcoming lunar missions and explorations.

The 4G network will be launched with assistance from SpaceX, who will transport the network system to the moon in a SpaceX rocket, according to information posted on Nokia’s official website.

According to the details, the network system is based on a rover that can travel from one location to another depending on the needs. This rover has the capacity to produce energy from sun energy, powering both the 4G network and itself.

A base station with antennas inside of this rover houses a Nova-C lunar lander, assuring a successful launch.

On the southern limb of the moon, in a place known as Shackleton crater, it has been proposed that the 4G network robot will be set down. The 4G technology is strong and durable and can withstand the hostile conditions of the moon.

The Artemis 1 project, which is intended to be the first human landing on the moon’s surface since 1972, is the main driver behind the introduction of the 4G network. According to reports, the first people to use the 4G network on the moon will be the astronauts who land on the Artemis 1 mission.

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