The Ministry Requests Hajj Travelers to Finish Biometric Verification Before the Due Date

The Ministry of Religious Affairs recently advised all pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj to finish their biometric verification as soon as possible via the smartphone app, Saudi Visa Bio. This action is a component of the ministry’s ongoing initiatives to simplify the pilgrimage procedure and guarantee the security of every traveller.

The Ministry announced on Twitter that all pilgrims must deliver their passports to the appropriate banks by April 20 in order to finish the process following biometric verification. The Joint Secretary Hajj has been instructed to receive applications from those who miss the deadline.

Fingerprints and face recognition data are collected as part of the biometric procedure, and these will be used to confirm the pilgrims’ identities. In order to ensure a safe and effective pilgrimage, this information will subsequently be given to Saudi authorities.

The announcement has been well-received by the pilgrims, who applaud the ministry’s attempts to simplify the procedure for them. To prevent any delays or issues with their applications, the Ministry has asked all pilgrims to carefully follow the instructions.

The Saudi government has created the Saudi Visa Bio app to speed up the visa application process for Hajj and Umrah travellers. The software enables users to complete the biometric verification process, track their status, and fill out their visa applications.

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